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  • If you’re lost.
If you’re struggling.
If you’re winning.
Always remember to find time to pause.
A simple pause might be all that is standing between you and what is in your heart. If you don’t find time to pause then how can you hear what your heart is trying to tell you? .
I will be pausing tonight to reflect on an incredible speech by @hollytucker today and how I want my life to be in 20 yrs time. .
Join me xxx
  • Another amazing evening at @thefmlystore listening to the incredible @hurrahforgin talk about her journey “from blog to book deal” .... honestly the number of amazing women out there changing the way we are doing things is totally exciting ❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕
  • Invest your time (just as you would money) in things which will pay you a return. So setting up automation in your business, looking after yourself.... yes it’s easy to sit and watch TV, check Facebook.... but do something which will pay you back after you’ve finished. You will never get this day again so make it count x
  • I went “out out” two nights running this weekend.. and had a wonderful time at both ❤️ I’m out again on Tuesday to watch @hurrahforgin talk at @thefmlystore ... I’m such a home bird that this is totally unusual for me....I love being at home soooo much but am totally enjoying spending my time with such strong and wonderful women. They totally light up my life 💕💕💕
  • Quit trying to be someone else. .
Stop comparing the real you to other people’s showreel
You are bloody awesome and there is only one of you. .
Show the world what YOU have to offer in the way only YOU can.
Big love xx
  • So so excited by this!! It’s totally free and would love for you to join us 💕💕💕