What is CreateMore.Space?

Create More Space is here to help you to create a sense of space in your life for you, guilt free.

We will do this by teaching, sharing and inspiring you to say no to what is keeping you busy and yes to the things which light you up from the inside.

We will teach you journalling, creative meditation and other techniques to help you gain more clarity over what it is you want out of life.

We will share inspiring stories, ideas and motivating case studies to get you thinking about your options.

And we will host events and workshops to help you connect with others who feel the same and together you can find support for you on this journey.

CreateMORE.Space was founded by Victoria Casebourne who is a serial, multi-passionate, entrepreneur who recognized how addicted to the struggle she has been during her 16 years in business and how anything easy feels like it is somehow cheating. After suffering from depression after having her Daughter she set about changing things in her life to make more space for herself and while her ambition burns as bright as ever she is determined to nurture this without burning herself in the process.

While we are told that life is hard, and that we can’t have it all… if we believe these to be true then we will never fight for a different way. A way which feels right for us. Why can’t we create a life of ease? Why can’t we create a life which meets all our needs? There is no reason on earth.. only the stories we tell ourselves based on other people’s opinions and age old tales of woe.

Create More Space is about being smart with our lives. It is about looking at things differently and ensuring that our lives are not passing us by in an unconscious stream of unimportant activity. Create MORE space plans to help those suffering with depression, anxiety and low moods to find ways of creating a space in the darkness for a little stream of light to come in and slowly replace the shadows one by one.

Everything starts with the simple act of creating space for it to come in. Join us today and let’s be the change we want to see.