How careless would you be in you knew for sure?

If you knew for sure that each thought you had influenced your future would you be more careful about them? Would you take more time to cultivate positivity and fill your head with all that you want instead of focusing on all that you didn’t?

I have read about positive thinking for decades and yet still I struggle to choose the best thoughts for me and feel as if my thoughts find me. I give into the fact that I am being driven by something outside of me and almost am flowing through this weird and wonderful life in a random way.

And yet there is nothing random about any of this… not if we decide we want to see something in our lives and then condition our mind to believe that is coming and that we deserve it. To expect to see what we want to see…

I believe.. I really do and yet at the same time if I TRULY believed that each thought I had would manifest in some way into my life for REAL wouldn’t I guard them with all my life? Wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t that become your daily focus?

I think it is easy to believe on a conscious level and yet in this modern world we have become so busy that we have no time to help ourselves. We have no time to be conscious about what we are filling our bodies with.

I think that is the issue here.. we are too busy surviving the modern world that we have no time to truly live it. We are overwhelmed by life so the easiest thing to do is give up control, to give up responsibility and just accept our ‘lot’

But … this has been scientifically proven.. our thoughts effect our lives in many ways so isn’t it time we become more serious about choosing healthier ones?

Spend today watching your thoughts… acknowledge them and then see how you can choose a better one. Don’t get cross with yourself, don’t get frustrated… just acknowledge them and see if you can twist it to be even more positive.

Instead of spending your spare moments focusing on the past.. spend it focusing on the future… what you want and how it will feel when you are there.

Small changes lovely… but big big results <3