If you knew for sure…what would you think?

Hey lovely! I have a question for you. If you knew for sure that your thoughts created your reality… would you let those mind monkeys take so much control or would you fight a little harder to focus on what you wanted?

The issue we have as humans is that we don’t quite believe in the unknown and so we are stuck living in this reality assuming that it HAS to be this way because we cant quite believe enough in the things that are yet to come.

I also believe that we live in a world where it suits the powers that be and a small proportion of elite humans to retain control over the masses… to make people believe they have no control over their future. We, the masses, slip into becoming worker bees for these small few and never question what life could be like if we dared to believe in our dreams enough to make them come true.

The thing is that every moment we are stuck in our minds we tend to be focusing on the past. Whether this is past experiences, things we have said or things we haven’t said or done. These thoughts achieve nothing other than keeping us EXACTLY where we were yesterday.

It isn’t until we change our thoughts that we begin to shift into a new future. One which we have designed ourselves in our dreams about our future.

We know so little about the quantum field and yet it is being proven over and over again that the more we change our frequency (so operating in a state of joy, gratitude or some other higher emotion) the more we attract what we dream about, as long as we are setting them out as a clear intention and not in a wishy washy way.

So let me get back to the question.. if you knew that you could literally dream your future into a reality and your ONLY job was to keep that dream crystal clear in your mind AND live your life in as much gratitude and joy as possible wouldn’t that be amazing? Wouldn’t you chose your thoughts a little more wisley and put more effort into stepping into those higher emotions and doing what made you happy?

And if at the end you didn’t quite make that dream life come true wouldn’t you still feel blessed that you spent most of your life (from this moment on) in joy, gratitude and feeling happy?

It seems like a no brainer really to me.. to focus on our own happiness above all the nonsense we are being brainwashed with.

With love



PS: What would it take to create more space in your life for your dreams?