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How to start falling in love with exercise

I have longed to fall in love with exercise but it is finally happening and this is purely down to one lovely lady called Leanne Trainer. 

I actually caught myself wondering why I was getting such good results on the plan and I had totally forgotten that I am now working out 3 times a week… I have NEVER worked out 3 times a week in my life and yet with Leanne this is happening and it doesn’t feel like hard work. I actually look forward to that achy muscle feeling a few days after a class as it reminds me that I spent time looking after ME… who would have thought it!

Last week was incredibly hard as I am training some lovely ladies so am missing two classes and I am finding myself WANTING to fit it in elsewhere… normally I would have patted myself on the back for such good avoidance planning.

And this is what I want to share with you today.. if something is a struggle for you but you KNOW if you could just get enthused about it your life would change.  Perhaps your history is one of resistance, excuses and avoidance (as mine has been since I was a child towards exercise) then you NEED to find yourself a good coach/mentor/cheer leader/friend and tell them what you want to achieve and ask that they keep you going.

As Leanne tells me every week … it is all YOUR hard work and YOU are the one applying it but they have a way of changing your attitude towards it AND you feel like you are never alone. It becomes more about showing up for that person than something which we could convince ourselves as selfish. As odd as the human behavior is.. we often prefer to let ourselves down than other people which is why accountability in business, and health, is so important.

So last week when I weighed in I had lost another 2lbs (10lbs in total) and I haven’t resented it at all. I have felt really inspired and that is down to a blooming good coach.

Seriously when you have someone amazing in your corner life becomes so much easier.

You CAN do it… in-fact you MUST do it…

Hugs lovely, V xx