The reason you have mind monkeys and how to handle it better

We all have them. Some more than others or perhaps the ones with only a few have just learnt how to silence or ignore them better than the ones who struggle (I am including me in that group!)

Instead of battling them head on they respond better when we learn to love them (they are part of you after all and you are one lovable lady) and then thank them for protecting you. That is all they are doing. I guess mind monkeys are just like parents…. we have to be the voice of reason and perhaps put a little bit of fear into our kids to protect them. We think we know better than them as we have more experience so we assert our authority… just like our mind monkeys.

They are basing their reasoning on your past, on your old experiences and they are very very cautious. They love us and they want us to be safe. They don’t care about the quality of our life.. they are just programmed to protect us from the mouth of lions and fire… and sometimes when we are trying to do something brave it feels like we are about to put our heads in the mouth of a lion.

The brain works on repetition, it physically creates connections inside to do things quicker the next time.. hence why we learn things and pick up habits. It becomes a subconscious behaviour. The brain wants to be in control… but that is not where magic happens. Only allow this to take root if you want your life to be EXACTLY the same in 10 years time as it is today. It prefers to be in control with things it knows… rather than allowing our crazy soul and spirit to drag us into the wild.

So this is why we have them. Now we know this then we know our job is to recognise them, to listen to them and then to reassure them that we understand their concerns but we want to do give it a go anyway or that they can take a day off.

What a much nicer way to deal with our mind chatter than to shoot it dead, to beat ourselves up for having them and to continue with an argument over and over inside our muddled mind. Both your spirit and your mind monkeys want you to be happy.. they just come at different angles….

So next time you catch these monkeys filling your thoughts with fear and worry watch what happens when you thank them but provide them with a different way of thinking about it. Try and switch it in your mind . They may be persistent (because they care) so just keep reminding them that you are a grown up and you’ve got this.

Because you do lovely. Even when it feels like you really don’t… you are so much stronger and capable than you will ever know. You just need to take control back from the monkeys and listen to the wise soul which is living inside.

With love

V x

  • Great blog and what a positive way to look at the negative chatter that can be in our heads. Thanks for sharing x