The ultimate decision

So my love, let me remind you that we always have a choice.


Without exception.

The problem is that sometimes the choice feels icky or hard and we would rather there was no choice so that we could relinquish all responsibility.

We could sit there and say this was not my fault.

But it is not about blame. It is no ones fault.

I think the ultimate decision we have is which harmful habits we need to break and how we will approach that separation with who we are when those habits have hold of us.

Really we are just a collection of habits which make up our personality. The great thing is that we can change or stop habits with a bit of internal strength and this is what this blog is about.

We have to make that decision that the sabotaging behaviour we have no longer serves us and that it is safe to let go.

It is safe to be free of those behaviours. It is safe to let go.

For me some of the behaviours or habits I am ready to break up with:

  • Hiding from the truth inside
  • Over thinking social media and what it means.
  • Taking the lack of engagement as a sign that I am worthless.
  • Over complicating everything so that I just go round in circles

And many many more.

What will you break up with and what will your life look like when you are finally free? Surely it will be worth the heart ache which will follow in these early days? Surely it will be worth a period of feeling unsafe without the comfort of these harmful habits which act as a form of support in a weird way.

Let’s do it together <3

With love

Victoria x