Which way are you looking?

Let me ask you this question which has the power to change everything for you.

Are you making decisions about your future based on your past or are you making decisions from the future?

If you are constantly thinking from the past.. so past experiencing, how you felt, how you have been and WHO you have been up until this point then you are living in the past and your future will probably continue to resemble the past for as long as you keep doing this.

If you can learn to break this cycle and start to look back from the future you can start to initiate change.

This is because you are designing your future and then looking back to work out who you NEED to be, who you are MEANT to be.. and then working from that basis.

You realise that everything is changeable and nothing is set in stone… the only thing set in stone is the past and to an extent we can change that in our minds too.

Remember life is ALL about the way you look at things. No exceptions. And the great news is that we get to DECIDE how we are going to look at things in any given moment.

Hope that helps <3 xx