How to be consistent with your blog writing

I don’t want to get to excited but I think I have uncovered the secret to consistency when it comes to content creation. I wasn’t even trying but there you go.. isn’t it when you relax that you solve the biggest puzzles in life.

The art of consistent posting has escaped me for far to long and yet the moment I surrender to just be myself and not worry about strategy or over think anything at all apart from allowing my words to flow I find that I can show up and write every single day. I haven’t even had the goal of posting every day or being ‘consistent’ and as if by magic I am being consistent…

Not only that but my tech is in place to ensure it is shared effortlessly (i.e. no work from me) to FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In, Google +, Tumbler and am working on a few more so am getting links back to the content within an hour of posting without me having to THINK about it.

And this is where I think I go wrong. I have been TRYING so hard to be consistent instead of just being open for it to flow.

I overthink everything. Which is not hard in this day and age.. there is so much to think about.

Since removing the ‘sharing’ strategy off of my shoulder and handing those over to automation and just giving myself ONE job to do… sit down and write and upload to my blog I have found that not only am I consistent (well for a week… the wheels could come off any day!) BUT I am also loving it. I feel I have found my voice.

Now I know that I am not blogging in the ‘proper’ way for results BUT I also know if I start thinking about all of that I will dry up again SO I have decided to find support to take my content which seems to be streaming out of me at the moment and then apply some for of strategy over the top.

A bit like a good accountant. You go and make money without thinking about how it all adds up and a good accountant will take a look and tell you what you need to know but with a more level headed view point and then steer you in the right direction.

I am really loving sitting down to write as I know I don’t have to do anything else. All I need now is someone to come and help this content be seen. I know HOW to do this but I don’t enjoy doing it to my own content so it makes sense to outsource this task.

I think success is about acknowledging your weaknesses ASAP and then handing them over to someone else. If you keep beating yourself over the head with the bits you put off then you will find your energy keeps getting stuck and you will keep falling out of consistency.

So… if you are struggling with consistency then you need to outsource the bits which weigh you down (to tech or clever people) so you can concentrate on the small few things which you could enjoy if you didn’t have to think about anything else.

I can’t tell you how much all of this is all flowing for me at the moment. I hadn’t realised how much I like writing which is odd as I am awfully dyslexic and thought I preferred Video but there is something magical about getting your thoughts in order as you write and the way I am writing at the moment is more journalling than anything strategic which I could do all day.

Anyway thought I would share and would like to wish you a VERY happy Monday

V xx