“I nearly lost my business” to “business success” in 60 seconds

I have just finished a meeting with my accountant to talk about my year end. I was looking forward to seeing Steph as she is one of the most loveliest ladies I have ever met AND she saves me lots of money by being an incredible accountant (happy to send you her link in a PM!) BUT I was not looking forward to talking numbers.

Numbers are not where my focus is on, and as long as I have money to pay everyone (and invest in my dreams!) then I am happy. However, after spending most of the first half of the year in a depressed haze, and fearing I was going to lose my business if I didn’t pull myself through, I thought I was in for a bit of a telling off (in a very lovely way which only Steph can do!)

I mentioned to Steph how I am starting this blog and how I want to share how important it is to look after our mental health as I “nearly lost my business” this year because of my depression..

and she just looked at me…

and said (totally paraphrased as I did not make notes!)…

“Wow.. how can you say this. You have turned over an excess of £90K (not including July’s income) while being in less than a desirable state. You have paid all your bills, paid multiple salaries and still made a profit. Many business I know who operate in a totally different way (I interpreted to mean the traditional way!) are not as lucky and have made a loss and not turned over as much. “

What this made me feel was that even though I have taken far more time off this year, spent far more time in my head searching for answers, spending so much of my time yearning to be somewhere else.. anywhere but here… that I was still able to keep my business functioning. I was still able to pay the ladies I love so much a salary and I have shown a profit (I always have – phew!).

This just shows what an amazing business I have created as it is able to carry on without me behind the steering wheel with my foot down on the peddle. That it is possible to do things your own way and actually do better than if you followed the ‘norm’.

She also shared that she was totally happy not growing her practice at the moment as all she wanted was to work with lovely people, work her own timetable and not have the pressures a big practice would give her. I LOVE this and I want this too. Surely if you could choose to have a life full of joy and wonderful people you would select this over a life of meetings, dealing with a-holes and basically with your nose on the grind stone….. To me there is no contest and I can REALLY sense a turning point in the world with more and more people thinking the same.

I am no longer searching for growth in the traditional sense. Turnover is totally for vanity. While I am proud of having that 6 figure business for so many years… what is truly important is the memories, profit and space you are able to create from your business which matters. You can’t take your profit and loss sheets with you but you can leave people will memories which will get passed down for generations.

I also mentioned I felt I needed to prove I can do it.. and she said that I already have so I don’t need to prove anything to anyone … boy to I feel free in that thought. That the rest of my life is to be lived out AS I WANT without having to conform to any system or worry about what people think.

So my message to you is this:

What are you putting a negative spin on with your self talk (in my case I nearly lost my business) where actually with a slight re-frame it could be the most liberating and wonderful conversation which could set you free (in my case that I kept a profitable business going as I went through a bad bout of depression)

With love and hugs and no matter what… always remember that you are incredible and you deserve your dreams to come true.

Victoria x