Connect & Coffee

Two serial multi-passionate entrepreneurs have come together to host a “Coffee & Connect” morning where we want to bring like minded female business owners together for coffee, connection, collaboration, community and confidence in the heart of Somerset.

Being in business is tough but so much easier with friends who REALLY get what it is like.

This morning will be full of honest chat, pledges of support from fellow guests and real connection. It will be unlike any other business event you have been to and guaranteed to leave you feeling more connected locally than ever before.

We are looking to bring people together in the hope that we all form REAL and HONEST friendships. We belive it is these relationships which will have the biggest impact on our lives and therefor our businesses as we continue to grow.

We are limiting the event to just 12 people (including Gemma and Victoria) to ensure we can all truly get to know each other, understand our dreams and our business vision so we can help each other thrive in a more connected way.

Anything is possible when you have the confidence to go for what you want… let’s make it happen together.