Hello and thank you for your interest in contributing to the conversation around how important it is to create more space in your life for you. I feel that we need to stop the world around us breaking and I believe we can do that one person at a time by teaching them how to care for themselves just a little bit more GUILT FREE  so they never reach that breaking point which is sadly very often just around the corner for so many.

I hope for this to become a multi author blog with regular posters, anonymous shares and occasional guest to ensure we capture the whole picture and offer as much help as we can to those touched with mental health. If you wish to become a regular author (you can select the frequency but I do expect a commitment) then please let me have a head-shot and some information about how you help people so I can add your business to our contributors page which I will direct people to if they need support.

I don’t want to be too prescriptive around what you share as I would like it to be in your words, from your point of view and in your own way. Only then will we start to get a bigger picture. All I ask is that it is around the concept of Creating More Space in our lives. This could be through meditation, creativity, life hacks and even business systems… there are many practical things we can do and also many stories which need to be told which could act as the catalyst between someone feeling lost and stuck and feeling more connected and able to make a positive change. Your contribution could be that one thing that someone needed to hear to help them in ways you never thought possible…  so please share what you can.

Please feel free to register for an account for this site HERE and publish your first article. We will add the image for you unless you have one you would like to use and you own the rights to it in which case simply add it to the body of the content.  If you have any questions please email and we will do our best to help.

You can submit the written word, share a video you have recorded on a related topic or even share a little info-graphic which may help someone struggling in this area.

You could share practical tips, words of encouragement, wellness strategies, ideas of how to look after yourself, creative projects, support, case studies, experience or humor.

So please join in the conversation and let’s start creating more space in this world for us. Together we can make a difference.

With love

Victoria x