The Creative Journalling Club

When was the last time you connected to your subconscious and asked it what was REALLY going on for you? Did you know you have a little real life Yoda living right inside of you which has most of the answers you are looking for?

Perhaps meditation is not for you as you find it hard to switch off and yet you are struggling to pull your thoughts together long enough to connect the dots. Perhaps you are being pulled in a direction which does not make sense to you or perhaps you have a deep sadness inside and can’t work out why as everything on the surface seems fine.

Journalling will help you connect with what is going on for you NOW. It uses questioning and free flow writing to unlock your subconscious thoughts and give you the key so you can work out what is happening for YOU.

By doing this you can find out what it is you REALLY want and perhaps even how to make that happen.

The Journalling Club will be launching in September 2018 and we will invite all of those on our mailing list to join at a very special founding members rate. Please ensure you sign up today.