Why should I get creative?

“Creativity allows you to connect the dots, and solve problems, that your mind simply could not do alone.

If you try and solve a problem inside of your own head with only your own thoughts swirling around you are almost fighting against yourself.  You are not giving these thoughts space to pull together and create that much needed “ahh haaaa” we all crave. We can often have a full blown conversation in our heads.. yet it is the same brain who thought of the problem which is now trying to solve it.

You know.. that moment where you are desperately trying to figure something out in your head but the answer eludes you… the key is that you need to get out of your head and allow your subconscious some time and space to piece together your thoughts into a beautiful harmonious answer which makes you screech Eureka from the top of your voice.

I am not sure if you have noticed that most of these wonderful flashes of inspiration come from being in the shower, trying to fall asleep or while you are driving. In this crazy, busy world we are forced to keep going… keep working.. keep thinking… yet what if all we needed to do was to stop, listen to what is in our clever little subconscious mind (I am sure it has all the answers!) and trust those bubbles of inspiration which pop through when we are lost in creativity.

This is why I am launching After 16 years of running my own creative business and seeing creativity pull me out of a pit of depression more than once I know that it holds so much power. I can see though that most people do not see themselves as creative, or perhaps getting all the materials is too much of a stretch financially so they remain stuck with the same old tools… their own mind and thoughts to get them through.

I am not quite sure how all of this will pull together but I am going to have a wonderful time finding out 😉

Love and hugs xx