Listen to your dreams

If you have a dream, it is there for a reason. Don’t ignore it until it fades, instead take it by the hand and see where it leads you.

I am a dreamer.

A day dreamer.

A lost in the clouds type of girl.

The crazy thing is that I totally believe that they are all possible. I think I enjoy pushing the boundaries and seeing what is possible in the world and if it is against the norm (and a little crazy) then I like it even more.

In fact I am working on a dream at the moment. I have had owning a woodland in my head for some time but was doing nothing about it. It just kept tapping me on the shoulder and giving me a nudge until I would start googling woodlands for sale… enjoy looking and then get swept up in the day-to-day again. I have danced this dance for a little while… I think it is fear of the unknown keeping me from moving past the google search…

Until yesterday. I took my mum for a little jolly and visited a woodland with lake which was only about 30 mins away. It was just over 2 acers and was half lake (fully stocked) and half woodland.

My only issue is that it is only 7 days until the auction and have no clue about any of it. When I am in my head dreaming I get all excited but I am never far away from someone telling me to be careful.. to think about whether it is on a floodplain (to which my brain thought… we will add stilts to everything..) or whether it will get broken into (insert fences with keypads around the outside )

But you see regardless of whether we get the land or not ( I am sure it will go for far more than I can afford) I will have had a bloody amazing week of dreaming outside of my head. I have taken it one step past a google search and the next time I may go one move past simply visiting (i.e. buying it!)

Or this time next week I am be the proud owner of a woodland (eeek… what would I actually do?!)

My point is.. dream… dream like there are no limits and have fun exploring in and around them. What is the worst that could happen? ummmm they might come true?!

With love xx