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8lbs AND 9 Life Lessons From Eating Clean For 3 Weeks

So a few weeks ago I wrote about how I was starting a new clean eating diet with the aim to balance my hormones and hopefully loose some of my excess weight. I am doing it with the help of an INCREDIBLE lady Leanne who you can check out HERE

I’ll be honest… whilst I have stuck with it I have been very close to giving up and have had windows when I gave up momentarily. I felt I was giving up lots and not seeing any return on my investment.

I was dreading the three week weight in as I was sure I had gained weight despite being really good. I think I have lost trust in my body as I have tried to loose weight so often and nothing ever seems to work.

I haven’t been hungry but I have stuck to the food I wrote about here

Well when I stood on the scales I was gobsmacked. Here are my results:
– I lost 8lbs
– I lost 6 inches
– I lost 2.5% body fat


I actually stood on the scales about 6 times as I didn’t believe it.

How could I have had these results and yet been feeling so defeated for the past three weeks.

Not only have I lost weight and am starting to feel better, I have also learnt these lessons:

  1. Even when you don’t feel like you are making progress BUT you are following proven advice AND staying committed please keep following the path and trust the process.
  2. Just because it feels like you are not making progress is does not mean you are not.
  3. You always have two choices… Give up or keep trying. Giving up will guarantee you fail. Keep trying will guarantee you are always in with a chance of succeeding.
  4. Don’t expect miracles… I was expecting my whole tummy to disappear over night… Umm took long enough to grow so need to allow for it to shrink over time 😉
  5. Get expert help. I had tried for forever and could not motivate myself…. Something very special happens when you put your trust in someone and then commit to not letting their trust in you down.
  6. Keep it simple. I kept it VERY simple as I knew if I over complicated it I would give up in overwhelm before I got too far.
  7. You think you know how many calories are in things… Bbut it is really hard to tell
  8. Little changes can make a massive difference.
  9. Be kind to yourself. I spent two weeks beating up on myself and yet I was winning all along.

I am sure there are other things I have learnt but I am celebrating tonight with a glass of wine;-) can’t be good all the time…

With love


PS: I will type up some of the meals I have been eating to help inspire you… And no I never spend long in the kitchen… Quick and easy is the way it goes in my life 😉