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My Hormone Balancing Eating Plan. The Beginning

So… if you know me you will know I struggle with exercise and eating well. I just have no will power and I always prioritise EVERYTHING else over my own health. Business, family and sitting on the sofa doing nothing (as I am to blinking tired for anything else after I have prioritised the first two!)

I have always found this fascinating as I REALLY want to be healthy and look good but obviously not enough to do anything about it. I love studying self development so this resistance really intrigued me as I know it is just a trait of human nature.

Brown rice, stir fry veg and salmon

The thing is that mind has all these exciting plans (far too many to action) and yet often I struggle to get off the starting block as I can’t be bothered physically and I feel very weak. It is like my brain is trapped in a failing body which only wants to sleep and has a hold over my brain which is stopping it from fighting back.

I can’t blame it as I am feeding it crap and not helping it move most of the time. It is a vicious cycle.

So when I was feeling quite motivated one morning I jumped on some local exercise classes in the village and met Leanne who was super lovely and very inspiring. I signed up for 10 classes upfront as I knew I would not stick to it otherwise.

We started to chat and I was asking her about Nutrition and she mentioned she was studying and needed a case study…

I said “me” without really thinking it through but knowing that if I commit to this I would not want to let her down so would force me to get my act together.

I know I can do it as I have done it before but something in me can’t find the strength to commit again.

As I suffer with my mental health I wanted to focus on feeling good over weight loss.

I think it all starts with us feeling good inside as when we feel good we will be motivated in all other areas so this is where it is starting for me.

So Leanne came around to give me some notes on what I can and can’t eat and take my measurements.

Luckily this was after the snow weekend where my body tricked me into thinking I had to insulate myself as much as possible with every biscuit I could find.


After the panic of “sh*t this is real and I am going to have to be VERY good now” passed I felt quite empowered as I now have a list of hormone balancing foods (shared below) which i need to put into my diet as much as possible. My focus to start is to get as many good foods into my diet as possible as I will then become more motivated with the other aspects of the plan.

I LOVE that I am focusing on the well being of the diet over the weight loss as I desperately want to feel good. I want to feel alive and full of vitality.

I want to stay up later and get up earlier and basically squeeze as much joy into every day BUT at the moment I feel like I am half asleep most of the time and long to an early bed most days. I am actually up at 4.30 writing this as I haven’t been able to squeeze in any writing recently and wanted to get this done.

So I thought I would share with you what Leanne shares with me (she has said I could!) and so you can start to adapt your diet too if this resonates with you. I think diet is such an important aspect of mental health. Hormone imbalances are enough to knock you totally off balance and they can be managed through diet really easily.

I will share photos and ideas of what I am eating, tips and exercises and may even persuade Leanne to do some Q&A lives if it was helpful.. heck… she may even do an exercise class online for us 😉

So here are the hormone balancing foods you should be adding into your diet. I plan to delve into the WHY behind each food as I am a geek and need to know these things for it to stick. I also resist being told what to do and so need to understand the theory behind so I understand the reason behind the changes… and then it will stick better as a habit.

These foods are rich in zinc, B vitamins, omega 3 and magnesium. These are for motivation and mood enhancing.

Dry fried egg with squashed avocado on brown toast

– seafood
– fish (2 oily p/w)
– dairy
– fortified breakfast cereal
– nuts (walnuts, cashews, almonds) peanuts
– beans and pulses
– lean meat
– spinach, mushrooms, squash, asparagus, broccoli
– avocado, watercress
– peppers
– all green veg
– potatoes
– fruits (blackberries, kiwi, banana)
– brown rice and pasta
– eggs

Here is the plan I need to follow for me. This was based on my BMI etc so I would perhaps contact Leanne and see if she can do this for you (there would be a fee obviously!)

I will have 1401 calories a day and this needs to be via:
– 5 * 80cal portions of starches
– 5 * 40 classes portions of fruit and veg
– 2 * 90 cal portions of dairy
– 2 * 140 cal portions of protein
– 2 * 50 cal portions of fat

Sweet potato, tuna mayo and salad.

and then I have 150 cal left for any other food… you know chocolate, crisps.. WINE!!! Obviously not fitting much of that in then!!

This is where my panic set in but really I am giving my future self the biggest gift of all. I am sure that will feel better if I keep telling myself this over and over again.

Will keep you posted on the results as we go 😉 Attached are a few photos of dishes I have eaten over the last couple of days… yes I am becoming THAT person!! I can assure you that I will eat mostly VERY easy food as I know I won’t stick to it otherwise.

If you would like me to email you updates on what I am eating, recipes I am following etc etc then please comment below and I will send you a link 🙂