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The Easiest Healthy Salmon Stir-fry Cheat (From Aldi)

I have been meaning to post this little favorite cheat meal of mine. It really is easy and can’t be counted as a recipe but sharing this as I know that we are all busy and sometimes you need something in the fridge/freezer you can just grab without the guilt.

Don’t judge me on this… but if you like it I will share more ;0) I figure if we can eat hormone balancing food in super quick time then we have more time for doing the things we love in life while we feel wonderful.

So… you take the following from Aldi but I am sure other supermarkets do similar:

I have included a copy of the health info below in-case you wanted to see. If will also add a pack of rice to this so either boil in the bag or microwave… or shock horror boil some in a pan?! Do people still do this?!

The steps… you may need to take notes 😉

1) pop the salmon in the microwave for about 4-6 mins (follow the instructions on the packet)

2) Fry the frozen veg in a pan for about 5 mins. I tried some from Tesco and was not very nice. This particular sauce (which melts when you fry it)  is really yummy.

3) Microwave the rice for 2 minutes.

4) Mix the rice in with the veg and the sauce.

5) Pop the salmon on top.

6) Eat 😉


Told you.. a yummy and healthy meal in under 10 mins, it is quite cheap and super easy. As promised a picture of the packet is below… Thanks Aldi 😉


Healthy Salmon Quick Meal