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The Quickest Chicken Stir-fry Ever

Following on from yesterdays post about a cheat salmon stir-fry which used frozen veg I thought I would share what I made last night which used fresh veg and was just as quick.

Basically ever week we buy a chicken in a bag (can you see the theme with my food..) and will have a roast. We then use the left over chicken to make a meal the next day. Or we may freeze it and use later.

Last night I was on my own so decided to just try something out. There was no risk of leaving anyone else hungry if it was horrible but luckily for me it was very yummy.


  • Dash of olive oil
  • Left over cooked chicken
  • Fresh veg mix (you guessed it.. I used a microwavable packet of veg from the co-op)
  • BBQ Sauce
  • Sweet Chili Sauce
  • Seasoning and spices (I used some Piri Piri spice mix I had in the cupboard… but think you could use anything like this to give it a little kick)


  • I cooked the veg in the microwave as per instructions but you could also cook fresh veg in the pan (Obvs!)
  • I put some oil in the pan and put in the spices. I then burnt said spices as I was too busy checking Facebook so had to clear the pan out and start again.. so don’t check Facebook while you are doing this 😉
  • I added the cooked strips of chicken to the oil and added the vegetables as soon as they were cooked.
  • I fried it all a little and then added a slug of BBQ Sauce and a slug of sweet chili sauce and let it cover all the veg and chicken.
  • If you wanted to pad it out a bit you could also add some rice as I did in yesterdays ‘recipe’

Seriously easy, and healthy,  but was really really very yummy!

I would LOVE to know your best healthy quick meals….

Thanks for listening and would LOVE for you to leave a comment below if you are going to try it.