16 scenarios to show that you really never know anything for sure

Here is a list of scenarios to demonstrate why you really never know anything for sure and with that in mind we should stop trying to double guess people, stop comparing ourselves against someones highlight reel and just live and let live.

Have you been comparing yourself to any of these?

  1. That person in the playground who you think has it all sussed may be feeling like her life is falling apart little bit by little bit.
  2. That successful business you keep comparing yourself against, may just be fighting it’s last breath.
  3. That successful business owner which seems like an overnight success may have ‘failed’ a gazillion times before.
  4. That person in the big house which you walk past with a dreamy ‘if only’ stare may be sat behind the curtains feeling trapped by those four big walls and wishing they had never upsized and lost their life in the process.
  5. That person who you felt was ‘too cool’ , ‘too classy’ or ‘too successful’ to be your friend may turn out to be the perfect friend for you.
  6. That person with the flashy handbag may have just maxed out her credit card in the process in the hope it fills an emotional hole.
  7. That person with the sports car which makes you feel ashamed of your four wheels may have it on credit and struggling to find enough cash to pay for next months installments.
  8. That person who is happy ALL of the time may secretly cry at home while no one is looking.
  9. That Mum who looks like she has it all together may be feeling like she is failing in every area and the mask she puts on is her way of protecting herself from hurt.
  10. That person who mouths off and says it how it is may be fighting their own demons and the fight is within themselves and not with the world.
  11. That child who looks so peaceful as they sleep through the night may never sleep another night again.
  12. That person who looks like they have it all may actually feel like they have nothing at all
  13. That person showing the ‘insta’ world their amazing clean house may be living in squalor in the other 3 corners of the room.
  14. That person who is eating ‘clean’ on camera may be stuffing their face with chocolate for the remaining 23.5 hours of the day.
  15. That person who claims you can trust them may turn out to be the most untrustworthy of all.
  16. That person who looks like they can’t be trusted may turn out to
  17.  be the most trustworthy of all.

are you comparing yourself to othersThis wasn’t the post I sat down to write but it is the one which came out today so here it is… a list of some thoughts on why you really never know anything for sure and that is OK.


Let’s stop trying to double guess, mind-read and control our way through life. Let’s let go of any expectations on the people around us and take each other as we find them in that moment… Let’s stop judging people on what we see and understand that most of what we see is nothing more than an unconscious illusion which protects people from the hurtful world. That we are all doing the best we can and that is all we ever can do.

V xx