Is this where it is all going wrong?

I was just watching a you-tube video by the fabulous Teal Swan which was all about how we have ended up in this unfortunate place as human beings. If you think everything is brilliant with the human race then perhaps skip this post as I don’t want to put a downer on that!

But if you have noticed that the human race seems to be getting greedier, more selfish and more focused on acquiring stuff than memories then I have noticed it too.

What is also happening is that we are all getting more and more disjointed and depressed as a result. Who would have thought that more stuff does not equal more happiness….

This pattern has been bugging me for some time and then I watched this video which summed it all up perfectly. I have embedded this below for you to watch for yourself.

Basically the video explains that in our quest for ‘independence’ we have become less bothered about the well-being of others as it has no real impact on our own well being.

We have started to look at people and see ‘what can that person add to my life’ rather than just connecting emotionally with people and seeing how you can help them first.

I think this is where I have struggled on Social Media as all the training is about finding influencers and then trying to woo them until they do something for you. I don’t want to be like that. I don’t want it to be like that. So have resisted on every level. It feels all fake and that you are trying to be friends as they can move you forward in some way.

Because we are becoming so disconnected with others we feel more alone and isolated which is proved to link into depression and suicide. These feelings of ‘aloneness’ lead to drink, drugs and other addictions too. We are all trying to mask the pain of being solo with whatever crutch we can grab onto.

We see independence as a good thing and yet Teal puts a very strong argument across that it is this quest for Independence where we have lost that connection.

When time began we were reliant on everyone around us to survive as a community. The real threats on our lives brought us all together and we knew we couldn’t survive alone so we looked after the well being of those around us too. The well being of others helped our own well being. Now it does not.

In recent years society is more and more out for themselves and using people as stepping stones instead of helping them get across the river of life too.

I think that is why I love my little creative business group which I have created as, while it is small, it is full of people who are the opposite of what I see outside. They all genuinely want to help each other and I love watching the relationships form.

I just wanted to share this with you as I think it is an important message and one to ponder. I really do dread what things will be like when my kids are older… I just don’t like the pattern that I see but if we all start talking out about this then perhaps we can bring it back before it is too late.

Here is the video:

With love
Victoria x