I am done… I am ready to let go

I hope I am done. I feel done. I really hope I am done now and forever.

Not in a giving up kind’a way but in a wanting to try and fit in to the world around me when all I want to do is shape my own. I know I have expressed this before but it was more of a niggle. Today it over powers everything. This yearning to walk away from normal and chase my fantasies… no matter how off the wall they are…I know I will love every minute even when I fall.

Here are some of the other things I am choosing to let go of:

I am done worrying that I am not doing things right… just because people do it differently to me there is no evidence to suggest their way is better than mine so I am choosing mine.. ALWAYS.

I am done worrying that I am not perfect when perfection is only a mask. I could do without the pressure.

I am done worrying that if I step out against the traffic which is pulled towards the ‘normal’ that I will fall, but I would rather risk falling then ending up somewhere which does not make me happy.

I am done worrying that if I DON’T step out against the traffic of life that I will miss the life which is waiting for me.

I am done existing. I am ready to live.

I am done worrying what people say as if they are speaking about me then they have worse problems than I do. An empty life which is filled daily with concerning them in the lives of others and not with the intention of helping anyone other than giving them something to fill their void.

I am done with fear of what is hidden in the unknown…. it may be unknown but must amazing surprises are until the second before it is no longer a unknown.

I am done feeling guilty about not being the person I desperately long to be and instead trust that I am exactly who I should be right now and I am on a journey towards the vision I hold for myself.

I am done trying to work out answers to life’s important questions which I don’t even fully understand yet. Instead I choose to trust that all is just as it should be and I don’t need to complicate it by looking deeper than I need to.

I am done regretting the ideas which I let pass by because most people would mock me. I am ready to allow myself to flow like I have never flowed before.

I am done trying to be the perfect parent as I think the ‘perfect’ parent probably fucks (sorry I couldn’t think of another word) up their child worse than anyone. The more I try and be perfect (*spoiler alert I am never very close to perfect!)  the worse I become as the pressure is far too much and clouds out everything.

I am done worrying that I am not a ‘proper’ business person as I don’t sacrifice my family time or put cash before morals. YES you can have both very happily but it has taken me 16 years to work out how.

I am done with rain. Seriously done.

Well I am done for today at least and will revel in the feelings of letting it all go and the feeling which comes with it. A pure contentment with being me in the messy way that only I could be.

What are you done with? Try letting it go and see how much lighter you feel and if you could share in the comments I will love you forever 😉

V xx