Feel the fear and do it anyway

last week I shared about a party I was going to and how nervous I was, how i felt the fear . Truth be told if something had come up to stop me going, or it had been cancelled, I would not have been upset. I would have been relieved as all I wanted to do is sit at home. You know like I do EVERY other evening! I am such a home bird and can never wait to get home and lock the door.

That being said I also really wanted to go. I am always thinking how much I want to be out meeting new people and actually living… but the reality always seems too much.

Well I had a truly wonderful time. Danced the night away and could have gone on for hours. I was so worried I would be asleep by 10 but shows how tiredness is often a state of mind. There is a whole other blog post right there!

I have been dwelling on where this pre-disco fears were coming from.

Here is what I concluded:

1. Fear of the unknown. I didn’t know what to expect and so was scared about what would happen and how I would feel on the night. I imagined the worst.
2. Fear that I am not good enough. I knew everyone would be super trendy and I have never been that. But turns out trendy is that anything goes which I can do 😉 I was so scared about standing out in a negative way… the whole “what will I wear” consumed me for days!

I think these 2 fears alone keep us stuck in life. I know they keep me stuck.

Together they are a potent mix aren’t they!

I am so glad I booked, went and let myself enjoy every moment. All that worry was for nothing and if I ever went to another one I wouldn’t be half as nervous. I think that is the secret… feel the fear and do it anyway. If we don’t then we will never do anything new and what a waste of a life that would be!

Each thing like this helps me feel better, more confident and able to take on the world to conquer my dreams.

Very small steps but have a massive impact on our lives.

What could you commit to which is a bit scary but you know you would love if you could get past that wall of fear?

Big love lady! You CAN do it.. when you feel ready (or just before ;-))

Victoria x