Finding The Courage To Be You

I set my alarm at 5am this morning and got up at 5.15… go me!! I wanted to sit and write some copy for @coffeeandcocktails.inc ready for something beautiful we are brewing between us. When I say new, as I wrote the copy for it I realised this is what has been in my heart for the past few years but it kept coming out as a jumbled mess under different names but always the same core feeling. I think it has always been about courage which is what cocktails give you… a little bit of dutch courage which we all need from time to time! HOWEVER…

I am slowly waking up to what courage truly means.. I used to think courage was about being brave to think and act bigger than you feel comfortable doing naturally. Setting stretch goals and being full on until you made it happen.

But what I am feeling now is that courage is something far more personal than this. That true courage is about standing sill and allowing ourselves to just ‘be’ in-spite of the fact the rest of the world is knocking themselves out in the noise and endless quest for more. The courage to be who we are, even if that means staying as we are or learning to remove the piles of s**t which covered our souls as we navigated through life so far. The actions themselves are not what take the true lion heart courage but the act of seeing us as we need to be seen… as the beautiful humans that we are and learning to be comfortable with that.

We have everything we need to be happy now and being happy now takes courage. Courage to resist comparing ourselves to all of those around us and to be happy with who we naturally are. To resist changing ourselves to ‘fit in’ while allowing ourselves to grow into the amazing person we are destined to be.

When a tree grows it grows in a way that just happens… it is strong and majestic but it never wishes it was a different tree. The oak tree does not spend one minute wishing it was a beautiful willow.. it just focuses on being as tall as it can be while it stands strong in its own place on this earth. This is what nature intended for us and yet we are all going around in circles through fear that we are doing it wrong or that we are missing something.

What I have concluded in the copy that I wrote this morning is that courage is not necessarily about going for that bigger promotion, the biggest opportunities or standing outside of your comfort zone when all you want to do is hide.

Courage is about feeling secure in ourselves and content with who we are in-spite of all our doubts, insecurities and worries of not being or having enough. Courage is being happy with who we are regardless of what others think and never being afraid to show the world our truth.

It is about stepping away from the noise which wants to keep us busy for the sake of busy, about stepping away from judgment, self sacrifice and soul destroying comparison to all those around us. We even compare ourselves to people who we don’t even want to be like, those at totally different phases to us and those who are not even being real.

It is about recognizing our true worth and the fact that what we want is totally different from those around us and that is more than OK.. that is the way it should be.

This is also about having the courage to put yourself first. To recognize your needs, your dreams, your desires and to be courageous as you start to pivot your life to make room for you.

The beauty of this is that the moment you do this you will have so much more to give those you love and everyone ends up wining.

I thought I would share this morning in a hope that you enter today feeling more courageous to be your fabulous self. <3

With love,

Me xx