Security Vs. Freedom

Freedom VS Security.

Hey beautiful! I was lucky enough to spend an evening with two fellow beauties this week and time whizzes by when we are together. We get together once a month and I look forward to it all month long. I feel truly blessed to have them in my life.

During this evening the topic of security vs freedom came up. It reminded me of my values which I had worked out recently. We were discussing how we felt we had been working towards financial security but really what we wanted was the feeling of freedom. That we no longer wish to beat the drum and work ‘hard’ and instead choose a different pace. One which feels good for us.

On my list of values the top 2 were security and freedom and I discussed with my coach how they are sort of conflicting values. For instance the value of security means feeling safe and having everything there for you. It suggests almost being locked down in a secure space and knowing that it will be the same for ever more. The value of freedom is on the opposite end where you want to feel like you can do and be anything. That nothing ties you down and you are free to create anything you wanted for you in your life.

But this conversation got me thinking….. Can you have one without the other?

I’m thinking no….

I mean can you feel free without the security of knowing where you will sleep tonight or if you have enough money for food? You need to have a secure base to fly from and know you have somewhere to land.

When my coach challenged me on it I knew freedom was more important to me than security as I would give up security to ‘feel’ free BUT I don’t know if I could feel free if I didn’t feel secure at the same time.

I seem to have stepped into a place at the moment where I feel super relaxed about everything but that is because I feel secure in my life financially. We have some plans brewing which may see me achieve my dream of being mortgage free in a couple of years and while this isn’t the ‘typical’ life path it is one which excites me to the core.

The reason I crave to be mortgage free is the freedom AND security it will give me. When we are mortgage free we won’t worry that we will lose our house if we don’t earn money one month and yet if we choose to earn lots of money one month we will just have more for memory making rather than bill paying.

I would love to know in the comments what you feel when you think about security vs freedom…

One I am still pondering but feel lucky that I am in a space where I get to design a life which gives me both. And YES you can to. Sometimes things feel like they are impossible but if it is possible in the world then it is possible for you too. But to begin the process you must dare to dream it and then be brave enough to do something about it. It really is that simple.

With love
Victoria x