The Shallowness of Social Media….

So I wrote about being beige and had some lovely messages on the back of it which felt like a big comfy hug but was not what I had intended. I wasn’t looking for complements but just wanted to share where I am. Documenting my journey towards finding courage to speak as freely as the people I admire on this here internet.

I hear about bloggers who live the perfect life on camera and yet go on to take their own life as the pressure of keeping up with the Jones left them with a gaping hole of where their joy should have be.

They become so preoccupied with looking good and sharing the very best of their life so people would sponsor or pay them that the forget to actually enjoy THEIR life. How on earth did life get to this?! How did it become so shallow?

I tried it once… to take the perfect shot of my coffee to show how lovely it was to be out for a coffee and it went cold. Gah!

I tried to capture the perfect insta shot of my kids having a wonderful time and forgot to take a deep breath and commit it to my memory so it can feed my soul for years to come. It became a stressful empty experience as I focused on a shot that the “insta crowd” would deem acceptable.

Always judging our own life on the basis of what looks good to others rather than banking the memories for ourselves.

It’s that aspect that I can’t buy into. The “fake till you make it” attitude where everyone is trying to out fake the others and hide the raw honest truth… that we are all struggling and often sad inside. Like being sad is a flaw.

That’s why mental health issues are at a all time high as we have lost sight of what we need as human beings. Our core needs are forgotten about in the quest of the perfect shot which will get us the most likes from people we don’t know and will never likely know. Like their opinion is more important than our own.

This is why @coffeeandcocktails.inc is so important to me. Bringing people together in real life, helping to take our life back to the real world and focus on connecting over comparison for mutual benefit. This is what is missing at the moment and I hope with working with Gemma we can help bring this connection back to others.

If I am honest I am really struggling with social media..  I know it has good points but I don’t want to play the games and am still puzzled whether you can succeed if you aren’t prepared to rub your success in the faces of others in the  hope that they click follow so that they can torture themselves over comparing your highlights to their reality. I don’t want that for anyone. I have never bragged about anything.. in-fact I always play it all down where I can.

I’ve had the most amazing summer, earnt more than I would have in a job and had basically 6 weeks off. On the face of it that sounds amazing but behind that story are 16 years or hard graft and sacrifice which no one wishes to show or to see. But if we keep choosing to believe that success happens overnight then more and more dreams will be squashed as people give up under the wrong assumption that it shouldn’t have been hard so they must be doing it wrong.

You’re not lovely. You are just real and your success will be too. Just promise me you will never give up on your dream. It may take a while but it is worth it in the end.

Anyhow… I’ve just had my smear and off to Aldi… bet you want to be in my shoes today 😉