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My love for a caravan

So tomorrow is an exciting day in our house.. we pick up a new caravan! Well new for us but Oliver has been counting down the days since we put down our deposit 2 weeks ago.

For so many years I had a dream of having a camper.. I thought it would give me that taste of freedom which I craved.

My only concern was that we would be too tight for space in a camper for the four of us and so started looking around at ideas. We found a really cheap caravan which was really ‘compact’ and decided to go for it. We had no idea if we would enjoy it so felt it was a safe way to try without risking much.

2 years on and I LOVE going away in it. There is something incredibly relaxing having everything within an arm stretch. Something incredibly comforting knowing the kids are only a stride away, something incredibly freeing knowing that you can survive with practically nothing at all and something incredibly reassuring knowing that if everything fell apart and we lost everything that we would always have somewhere to lay our heads.

Our only issue was that our caravan was just a bit teeny and so we always needed the awning up which was a faff and put us off using it as often as we would like. We also couldn’t use the shower and was a bit tight inside so we wanted to upgrade to a bigger one.

We had two requirements for this one.. fixed bunk beds and a separate shower unit (i.e. not a wet room)

We saw one online, was slightly more than we wanted to spend but decided to go for it as life is for living right? We went to visit it and while I could do with re-doing the inside.. it is going to be the perfect next step.

There is something also very weird about caravanning.. I remember that first weekend. I remember ENJOYING doing the washing up, I enjoyed cleaning and tidying as it took a few minutes and I was ‘done’ .. at home I can tare around for hours and feel like I have achieved nothing. I don’t want to spend my life feeling like that. I want to be ‘done’ and free to spend the rest of my day writing, creating and watching the kids have fun without the burden of having to sort through loads of stuff…

The kids love it too as they get a taste of freedom as they explore the campsite, they have learnt to cycle as they go around the site without fear and they meet little friends really easily. There is always a park on site and often a pool… what could be better than that?

Basically we go away with a suitcase, some essentials and we are all so much happier as a result in our tiny tin home… it is the feeling which I get when I away which is driving my feeling that I want more of this in my life, tiny living but with lots of space outside for the kids to explore.

We pick it up tomorrow and I literally can not wait. I think this is going to the a massive part of my quest for freedom…

With love

  • We always had a touring van as kids and we loved our family weekends away.
    It’s harder nowadays as my pre-teens think their lives are going to end if they don’t have WiFi and listening to them moan is no fun for anyone!! We used to camp when they were younger and that was fun.