Giving Back

When Create More Space was founded we knew that we wanted to make a difference in the world. Not just by helping people to create more space in their lives for them but we also wanted to give back on a really big scale.

This is why we have decided that 50% of the Creative Journalling Club membership fees will be donated to causes around the world.

If you have a cause which is close to your heart then please do register at and then you can help us spread the word while raising funds for your chosen cause. Friends, family or even strangers will also be able to use your link to help you generate funds for your cause.

When we get started in March we will be listing the causes we will be supporting below and we will update this as often as possible as we donate to those causes so you can see how YOU giving yourself the gift of more space also goes on to give to others in need. It really is a win win situation.