Space clearing and taking time out

I genuinely could not feel happier right now. It has been a long time coming and just hope that this feeling remains for a little while yet.

Today I had a real ‘woo woo’ day where we went to my late Gramp’s house to perform some space clearing. It has been on the market for some time and is not selling and feel there is a lot of negative energy attached to it so I suggested going down and doing a few things.

It sounds so cranky, and no idea if it will work but we figured it wouldn’t harm anything and would be fun.

So I grabbed a smudge stick and my singing bowl and headed down.

I went through every room and played the singing bowl and then made a louder noise in each corner. I smudged up into the corners too and spoke to my Gramps to tell him it was safe to let go of the house and that we are all OK. I have no idea why I was saying this but it felt natural and like I had to let him know.

We are confident that he was looking down on us laughing in disbelief about how weird his grand daughters are BUT… both my sister and I felt so relaxed at the end of it. Like really chilled and happy.

I am so grateful that I am able to take a random day out to do random stuff without any worry at all over work. I don’t think I have ever felt so busy in all my life when it comes to work related projects BUT it felt ok to take a full day out without a worry in the world.

After the success of our first coffee and connect day with @thecoffeeandcocktailclub I  was really buzzing and so much I want to do but it can all wait. It is remembering that it is not a race to the finish line… we need to slow down to enjoy the journey too. I think it is so hard to put the breaks on when you love what you do BUT if we carry on at 90 miles an hour we WILL burn out and that can be pretty fatal.. either to our dreams of worse.

I checked my list and there was nothing which would die or break if I didn’t attend to it.. I think sometimes we talk ourselves into thinking that the world will stop turning if we dare stop for a while but I can assure you it won’t stop. Check your to do list and ask the same “Will anything break or die if I don’t do this today?”

In fact everything may happen for you with so much more ease if you approach it after taking some time out.

If you are feeling up against it then give yourself permission to step out, do something fun and come back stronger than ever.

With love
Victoria x

PS: I love a bit of woo woo… do you?