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Writing A Bucket List

Writing A Bucket List – have you done one yet?

OK.. so I saw the fabulous Gemma of Oh Darling Family Adventures do a post where she listed where she wanted to do as a family and then comes back and updates when she has done it…

Well part of my issue is that I have soooo much I want to do/learn/experience that I don’t know where to start and I flit between everything. I don’t think it is a bard thing to have loads of interests infect I think it makes life pretty darn exciting so here are a list of SOME of my projects/ideas that I want to do at some point in my life.

This is more for me so I am not expecting you to read it BUT would LOVE for you to write your list and add to it underneath in the comments so we can create an amazing resource of inspiration for when we are not really sure what to do.. I am not listing everything here as some are business projects and don’t want to get the idea out there until I am in a position to implement so most of this is just because…

1. Learn how to make my own toiletries free of nasties
2. Learn aromatherapy so I can make use of the amazing benefits
3. Give up sugar once and for all
4. Learn to meal plan properly so we eat a balanced diet
5. Feng Shui my home and learn how to do it properly
6. Learn french or Spanish
7. Move to France or Spain even just to experience it
8. Start a property portfolio
9. Read consistently every day
10. Write consistently every day
11. Exercise consistently every day
12. Make my own clothes
13. Learn to make my own tea and herbal remedies
14. Not buy anything new for a year and up-cycle things from ‘rubbish’ instead
15. Write a book
16. Create (or co-create) a planner which is used worldwide
17. Learn to invest money and create assets
18. Make my own range of candles
19. Build an incredible community of women who together will go onto change the world one cause at a time.
20. Learn to play guitar
21. Travel and see as much of the world as possible
22. Learn to pole dance (for fitness!)
23. Own a camper and have it as my mobile office
24. Own a woodland as an escape plan
25. Experience tiny living
26. Live off grid
27. Invent something
28. Learn to make things in Leather
29. Have a massive she-shed full of every craft you could think of.
30. Have a spa membership
31. Learn to teach Yoga

32. Meditate every day

OK.. I have been through and deleted some which I wasn’t that keen on as the list was getting excessive but having it all written down makes it feel so much more achievable and am sure I will add more as I go… and no doubt delete some too. I LOVE courses and learning so many of this will be booking onto a course YAY and I am OK with just going on a course to learn for me without the guilt of making it ‘count’ or ‘pay for itself’ as to expand and grow in knowledge is reward enough. When was the last course you went on?

So there you have it.. my list of all the things I want to experience… over to you 😉

With love as always