VIP Days

Do you feel totally confused and lost and have no idea which way to take your ideas or even your life? Mulling it over and over in your head is not going to get you far as you will tie yourself in knots.

Why not treat yourself to a VIP experience and spend the day in our beautiful venue with one of our experienced facilitators while you map out your personal plan to create more space in your life.

Perhaps you want to start a business, perhaps you need more confidence, perhaps it is a career change… perhaps you have too many ideas to count or perhaps you are just plain scared and need someone focused on you for the whole day (and for a while after) to help you work it all out and take those first daunting steps.

The experience will provide you with a safe space to explore your options with someone who is already living life very much on their terms and can offer you much needed insights.

The day will be full of creative thinking and strategies leaving you so much clearer on that big life plan which is hiding away from you at this current moment.

You really can achieve anything but first you need to know what you want… and that can be the hardest thing of all.

The VIP Day lasts 10am-4pm and there are very limited space each year. The investment in yourself is £995+vat (Tip:Our Creative Journalling Club members get 40% off… find out more here) and you will also receive:

  • 1 orientation call before we meet to ensure we hit the ground running
  • Access to a mindset course to help you prepare before we meet
  • A full day (10-4) focused on YOU, your life and your plan
  • A yummy lunch in the village pub
  • Unlimited refreshments
  • 3 follow up 1-2-1 calls to ensure you action what we decide during our day as you may not feel brave enough on your own.
  • Access to a monthly mastermind group so you can pass your ideas past other people in a similar position and gain valuable insights and advice from peers
  • Access all areas to all our courses and resources for three months to make sure you have all the information  you need to leave feeling confident and ready for anything.

To request a free discovery call please contact Victoria on so you can book a quick chat to see if this feels in alignment with what you need to move forward.