Well Being & Mental Health

20 things you can do to escape the noise (even for a short while)

Learn to escape the noise, even for a short while, so you can listen to the whispers of your heart.

If we keep ourselves caught up in busy then we will never be anything else. Busy activities lead to busy activities unless they are in short bursts which is surrounded by stillness.

Stillness seems to be something which is reserved for Yogi’s, health practitioners and zen like goddesses and not a mum of two who is married to a teacher and runs a busy business in and around the school run.

Finding that time to connect with yourself seems indulgent and like a ‘waste’ of precious school hours BUT I know that if I carry on like a train from one goal to the next I lose sight of what I am actually creating, what I am trying to achieve and then end up falling face first into a situation (which I 100% created) which then makes me ill.

I feel like I am losing myself sometimes, into a black hole but am to busy to pull myself out. All the pressure of salaries, admin, keeping clients happy and keeping my kids alive seem to consume every hour of my day and there is nothing left for me.

The thing is that when we refuse to make time for ourselves because we are so busy then life (the universe, our bodies…) will do something to force us to take time out. Perhaps it is a life crisis, some physical health issues or some mental health issues.

I am now feeling more an more able to listen, to connect and honor what I need (yes me… I am worth it and you are too)

Here are some of the things you can do to start to bring in some stillness so you can connect with what is in your heart

  1. Start a journal
  2. Meditate
  3. Walk in nature
  4. Complex colouring
  5. knitting
  6. Crochet
  7. Write a book (or atleast start!)
  8. Sit and lose yourself in a daydream
  9. Connect with other people
  10. Try a yoga class
  11. Try a martial arts class
  12. Paint your nails in silence
  13. Take a bath in candle light and no book to read
  14. Drive with no music on
  15. Dance by yourself in your home to your favorite music
  16. Write out your life plan
  17. Write out 100 things you are grateful for right now
  18. Run
  19. Sit and stare at a candle flickering
  20. Sit in nature in silence, by yourself for an hour

Actually there is so much more I could list but the key is to find something for YOU. Something which fits YOU and your own personality.

I know it can feel self indulgent but taking time to slow down and connect is more than important. It is vital if you have any chance of staying sane in this cray cray world.


V xx