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A Year Of Letting Go?

One blog a day for ages.. then I start missing the odd day and then 14 days until my last one. This is the same pattern which I go through over and over again with everything. It is a human/entrepreneur trait I am determined to solve one way or another. This difficulty with maintaining consistency.

I can see that I ALWAYS over commit at the start. It is because I LOVE it and I literally can’t hold myself back. I give it everything but that is not sustainable.

However this week I have noticed my mood starting to shift again. Downwards.

I wonder if it is because I am not writing again. I have stopped. I have dried up. I am not creating. I can’t be bothered… and with no boss I can give myself permission not to bother.. which is not a good thing.

I know it is because I have been focused on strategy and got caught up in the excitement of meeting a fabulous new friend and starting something crazy and out of the blue (my favourite hobby!)

But I really think I need this writing. It helps me process. It helps me breath. It helps me be happy.

I do feel frightened that I won’t get to do everything I want to do, as time is always slipping away from me.. but I also knew if I was happier I would do more as I get stuck in a fog where I feel stranded and motionless despite my brain going 100 miles and hour.

I am thinking of setting myself a personal 12 month goal of letting go of as much stuff as I can. In a really radical way.. including my house.. I feel I need to see how little I can live with… so minimal living… I feel I need to prove something but am not really sure what?!

So letting go of weight, clutter, emotional pain points, limiting beliefs, expectations etc etc and will try and share my findings with you.

I haven’t fully committed but it feels like everything has been moving towards this point and is at the heart of what I wanted with Create More Space…

Anyway I have no point for this post other than to say hi and share where I have been.

Hugs xxx