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Four Videos to help look at rejection differently

Paralysis by rejection seems to is a theme in my life. I have never been rejected in a dramatic way but I sense something must have wounded me at School or as a child which is still raw (yet hidden) and so minor rejections hurt me deep. They nudge me on my pain points and create a dramatic reaction.  I have had enough of allowing these destructive patterns to take over my space so I thought I would sit down with a cuppa and try and find some inspiration on how to deal with rejection so here are 5 I think are worth a watch if you are struggling with that feeling too:

One Mindset to Conquer Rejection

This is about romantic relationships so not fully relevant to me BUT I took alot out of it. It is a bit of a mindset shift and asks whether fearing regret is more powerful than fearing rejection. Also that we often believe that everyone has to like us and that is on the edge of narcissism as

How To Get Over Rejection

A little animation about it which I thought was quite nice and only short. Again I think it is about romantic love and for me this is more friendships and work related but one comment was “no one can love on demand” and then “don’t turn this into a morality tale”. And how the feeling rejected feeds our self hatred monster. I can see some patterns which I do when I am rejected.

What I learned from 100 days of rejection | Jia Jiang

There were a few Ted Talks on rejection and loved this one. So much love for this story!! Tempted to do something similar but not sure I am brave enough 😉  Not quite the same rejection as mine is more from people I trusted and let me down BUT I also think rejection keeps us back from making calls and reaching out and asking for things we need.


Meditation to heal rejection by others-Enlightenment How

Here is a little meditation (there are many others) but thought I would pick one to share so grab a cuppa and sit down for 15 mins and give yourself some space and allow the script to help.