Well Being & Mental Health

The Good Life Well Lived Podcast featuring me ;-)

Firstly what a BRILLIANT name for a podcast… surely this should be a universal aim??!! This does not surprise me though as Nicola is such a wonderful business mentor and someone I have admired from afar for some time. I love her ethics and is one of the good people in the online world.

I joined Nicola Semple last month talking about how to create more space in your life for the things that matter most. This is my favorite topic after all 😉

We talked about the importance of self care and how important cultivating our self worth, self confidence and self love are when looking after our mental health.

Interestingly Nicola said that she was not a fan of the term “self care” and one of my best buddies said the exact same thing to me last week. I want to delve into this some more (at another time!) as I find this fascinating and wonder why this is.  They are both on board with the concept but the term puts them off. I feel like this about the term “mental health” as it makes us sound… well mental! Perhaps that is a whole other blog post right there…

Anyway please go and subscribe to Nicola HERE and PLEASE listen and comment on my episode HERE… I will love you forever <3

With love

Victoria xx

PS: Thanks for getting me back into podcasting Nicola… I will be returning when I work out what it looks like along side everything else.