Well Being & Mental Health

What would your life look like without the word “SHOULD”?

Funny old word if you think about it.

I mean who tells us what we should or should not do? Is it the system, our friends, our parents or us….

I think it is mainly us but where do our self imposed “shoulds” originate from?

My guess is that most of our shoulds come from what we perceive as normal and that we are telling ourselves “I should be lighter” or “My kids should be xyz” based on what we believe to be expected and true of the world.

I don’t want this to be a long post. More of something to ponder over the weekend.

How are shoulds impacting you and your life. Perhaps it is something along the lines of “I should look like…. “ or “I should be better at….”

Let’s be honest… when the word should is involved it either means that we are feeling guilt or doing something against what we truly want.

Take a cold hard look at how many times you think or say ‘should’ and then ask yourself where this belief has come from and more importantly “is it true”? And if you are feeling really brave perhaps shout WHO SAYS when your brain starts shoulding over your dreams.

And if you are feeling very kind please leave me a comment with a should statement which could be making life harder than it needs to be….

With love, space and happiness lovely,

V x
PS: is it me that now I have written ‘should’ all those times that it looks REALLY odd?