Well Being & Mental Health

Do you really need more? Perhaps enough is all you need to be happy…

As I ponder my next move in life I have just had a massive realisation which I wanted to share with you.

I have been in business for 16 years with no other source of income.

For 16 years my business has looked after me incredibly well but I have just realised that I have not allowed myself to enjoy this feeling for one second.

Instead I have chosen to keep re-investing into the business over and over and over again in the hope it will ‘grow’ even more. Not sure why I have wanted to grow but I do feel it is an inbuilt need in us humans.

Every-time I achieved something amazing I would think “What next”

If you keep watering and feeding something with love then it will in time grow as you had hoped. And my business has grown a few times to the point of having a big team of amazing people around me, premises etc etc.


When it grows too big the wheels keep coming off as it takes me from the place I love to be (freedom, space, no pressure, master of my own destiny) to being pressurized and having to cover my increasing overheads which come with growth and looking after lots of people to make sure everyone is happy. I find myself unable to be creative as I have “no time” left and I start to get depressed.

What follows is a shrinking of said business as I fall apart and try and get back to the feeling I had before. Master of my own life with nothing to tie me down…

But what if…

I was just happy with what I had created and allowed myself to enjoy without this need to grow. Without the need for more and without the need for stretching goals?

What if I could spend my days creating, chatting to lovely people and just enjoy life without pressure.

I had a feeling this was at the tip of my tongue for some time but it has finally surfaced with such clarity. This burning need which I keep dampening by searching for this elusive growth which you are lead to believe you need or SHOULD be reaching for.

I have followed money mentors and paid stupid money for money bootcamps over the years but something didn’t sit right for me and now I know…

It was all about getting more, more and more… and that settling for enough was a bad thing. That it was a bad money story to be content with enough… you needed MORE. Almost like you are not serious if you are not planning to fly first class or buy designer handbags… but in my eyes those trappings do nothing for me except trap me into wanting more of the same.

What if I was happy (and I am) never having traveled first class or owned a designer handbag. I don’t need or want either and would swap those things for more time any day of the week.

I think this is where I have been struggling for the last 2 years.

How would life look like for YOU if you were just happy with what you had RIGHT NOW instead of wanting more.

When you start to strip out all of the stuff we are lead to be believe we need for happiness you realise you really need much less and you can start to take the pressure off of yourself and just enjoy where you are.

Tomorrow is not guaranteed so why are we all living on the promise of a better tomorrow over enjoying what we have for sure right in this wonderful moment?

Live for today and make it wonderful so much so that you would never want life to be any other way.

And that, lovely, is my 2 pence for today 😉

With love and space
Victoria x