Well Being & Mental Health

The Mental Health Video Series

Hello Beautiful.

I was asked to create a little video series on Mental Health. I am not an expert or a psychologist BUT I do know how it felt for me, what helped and what I needed from others so have sat down and recorded this yesterday. I will schedule one video a day over the next few days and will cover:

1) How to notice you are not feeling right
2) How can it feed
3) What to do if your friend is depressed
4) How to help yourself
5) Conclusion

I will add them all to this page so feel free to bookmark it so you know to come back.

This is just me talking off script, from the heart in the hope it helps someone who is struggling too.

I TRULY think that we should not be seeing this as “mental health” as we don’t see it has “physical health” problems. Everyone on the planet will have something wrong with their body at some time in their life… there is no shame in being ill physically and yet there seems to be a shame associated with having trouble with keeping happy. Which is bonkers when we think about how hard life is, how relentless it all is… I am quite sure that more people than not suffer in some way yet we are taught to have a “stiff upper lip” and carry on regardless.

It is seen as a weakness to admit you are struggling. Why? What if we all opened up more and admitted that this world is a bit broken and we are all starting to struggle a bit. What if by opening up we had a chance to change the world and turn things around?

Anyway I hope the videos come across OK.I would love to hear in the comments if this helps or you have any other advice which may help someone who feels they are struggling in this area.

Please know that this isn’t your fault. This isn’t you. You just need to be kind to yourself and give yourself time. You will feel better.

Welcome to the mental health mini series

How to notice if you are depressed

What it feels like to be depressed

How to help a friend with depression

How to help yourself feel better