Well Being & Mental Health

Some things to think about next time you think about cleaning the house instead of taking care of yourself.

I have noticed something REALLY weird. Something I can’t get my head around as cleaning is ALWAYS at the bottom of my list in terms of ‘tasks’. I guess that is what happens when you run a business as it is easy to prioritize looking after clients and customers over your house but what if it was a battle between the house and your health… let’s take a look at the consequences of ignoring each aspect and see which is easier to ignore…

What happens if you don’t clean the house?

  1. Your house will get messy. (So?)
  2. The neighbor may pop in and make some snap judgment about you. (I would rather be you who with a messy house than someone who judges a person based on how many toys are on the floor!)
  3. You may twitch at the fact that you ‘should’ be tidying. (Let the should’s go lovely… they don’t do anything apart from give you a headache)
  4. Your husband may ask “what have you been doing all day” (I am happy to write a suggested reply to this if you need help)

Then let me then ask you this.

What happens if you don’t exercise?

  1. You may get ill. (Like so ill that you can’t clean the house anyway!)
  2. Your back may give up through lack of strength. (So you would be led in bed unable to clean the house)
  3. You may become overweight which leads to all sorts of illness. (So you wouldn’t be able to clean)
  4. You may die earlier through lack of fitness. (So your house would have to clean itself)
  5. Your body may give up early and miss a big chunk of your time on earth. ( Again the house would have to clean itself)
  6. You may miss out on many exciting adventures because you aren’t up to it physically. (Seriously… you would rather clean than make memories?)

Now let me ask you this…

What happens if you don’t look after your happiness?

  1. You may get start losing your memory. (So you will forget you need to clean the house anyway)
  2. You may get to spend the rest of your years on earth feeling sad. (Too sad to pick up any form of duster)
  3. You may lose friends and family. (No one will visit so no point in tidying)
  4. Relationships may break. (If it is just you then why not give yourself a break guilt free)
  5. You may miss out on living YOUR life. (Ummm… clean or live my life to it’s fullest… that is a toughy!)
  6. Depression may sneak in and you start to lose the will to keep living. (You won’t care two bits what the house looks like, or you or anything else as you will be in total darkness)

What I am trying to illustrate here?

That a messy house has no serious consequences and yet messy health (both physical and mental) can lead to a whole lot of consequences that you really want to avoid and all end up with an even messier house long term.

So next time you prioritise cleaning the house over doing something which will boost your happiness or health… please remember these thoughts.

Give yourself permission to put yourself first. And if you can’t do that then let me give you permission to step away from the duster and start to find some joy as it isn’t a nice to have.. it is a need.

Hugs as always my lovely friend

V xx

  • Thanks Victoria.Amazing article.Household responsibilities always take priorties in our lives.But we need to see our own well being first…so true…